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Artist Statement



The series that I have been working on for the past few years are about geometric form, symmetry and vibrant color use while taking inspiration from snowflakes, kaleidoscopes, stained glass and mandalas.



I mainly work with ball point and watercolor pens on paper. I love the intimacy of drawing and having control of the ball point pen. My work is systematic; always starting the artwork at the exact center of the surface and then expanding by drawing four outer shapes. The center and four outer shapes are the foundation for the picture. After this foundation has been set, I solely build one shape off another.

My artworks are full of vivid colors; lime green, tangerine orange, red and fuchsia. I enjoy clashing color combinations until the artwork has a psychedelic quality to it. My color combinations stem from both the 1960’s Op Art movement and the boldness of the Fauves.



I grew up in Maine and was surrounded by snow but it was not until I saw the images in the book, “Snow Crystals” by W.A. Bentley & W.J. Humphreys, that I truly discovered the beauty and intricate detail of the snowflake. I loved the balance and how every snowflake was distinct from one another. I initially started my artwork with snow crystals; however, over time the snow crystals became more and more developed until they evolved into more of a Tibetan mandala like image. Mandalas have four cardinal points or gates and a center point. My artwork always has a center point with four outer points.



I am also drawn to the symmetrical pattern, light and luminous colors of the kaleidoscope. Unlike the sharp mirror images of the kaleidoscope, my artworks are more biomorphic and organic. The softer shapes in my work grow like a flower, while the patterns and lines intertwine coming together to create a harmonious picture balance.

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